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Annual Health Check (MOT)

Prioritize Your Health: Schedule Your Annual Health Check Today for Comprehensive Well-being and Peace of Mind.

Empower Your Health Journey

It's a comprehensive assessment that covers key areas of your well-being, from reproductive health to general wellness. Early detection and prevention are crucial for a healthy life, and our dedicated team ensures personalized care tailored to your unique needs.

Physical Exam

We conduct thorough examinations to assess key health indicators such as anemia, immune function, and liver and kidney health, delving into any underlying issues.

After all the tests are in, we will have a review meeting with you to explain what it all means. 

What we check for

General Wellness

Mental Wellness

Cancer Risk

Heart Health

For Woman: Ovarian Health

For Men: prostata

Diabetes Assesment 


Annual health Check MOT - 185 Euros 

Annual Health Check (MOT) + Cervical Smear test - 245 Euros 

Annual Health Check (MOT) + Breast Screening - 265 Euros 

Annual Health Check (MOT + Breast Screening + Cervical Smear - 345 Euros

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