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Men´s Health

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Doctor and Patient

Men often live life in the fast lane, but when it comes to health, risks aren't an option.  At our clinic, we focus on prevention and offer specialized services to improve men's health, stamina, and overall well-being.

Men's Health Check

With rising rates of testicular and prostate cancer, proactive care is crucial.

Annual Health Check (MOT)

Your yearly roadmap to wellness, covering essential tests and screenings.


PSA (Prostate)

A blood-test to monitor prostate health


Urinary Dip

A test for the urinary function


General Health Checks

Your one-stop solution for comprehensive health screenings and peace of mind.

Heart Check-Up

Take charge of your heart health with our thorough cardiovascular screenings. Includes:

  • Blood pressurse

  • ECG

DNA-test - Food and Drink

Unlock the secrets to your ideal diet with our personalized genetic analysis.


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