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DNA-test Food and Drink

Prioritize Your Health: Schedule Your DNA-test for sensitivity for food and drink today. 

The Test Result

What Food is tested

- 17 Cereals and Pulses

- 44 Vegetables 

- 30 Fruits

- 13 Dried Fruits

- 16 Dairy Products

- 2 Eggs

-5 Fats

- 17 Meat

- 14 Sausages and Cold Cuts

- 46 Fish and Seafood

- 19 Drinks

- 12 Spices, Sugar, salt

- 6 Medications

Vitamin Absorption

How well is your body absorbing the vitamins you eat? We test absorption for 13 different vitamins. 


We test what components that may affect obesity

Diseases Parameters

We test the genetic risk for 7 different diseases

Medical advice

In the report you get specific advices for food substitutes that can improve your health. 


295 Euros

Special offer: IV-vitamins and DNA-test - 345 Euros!

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