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DNA-test Food and Drink

Prioritize Your Health: Schedule Your DNA-test for sensitivity for food and drink today. 

Empower Your Health Journey

Discover Your Unique Dietary Blueprint: Our DNA Test for Food and Drink Sensitivities. Unlock the secrets of your body's reactions to different foods and beverages with our cutting-edge DNA test. This personalized analysis reveals how your genetic makeup affects your sensitivity to various food and drink items, helping you make informed choices for your diet. Our comprehensive report provides insights into potential intolerances, sensitivities, and optimal food choices tailored to your genetic profile. Embrace a healthier, more comfortable lifestyle by understanding your body's unique dietary needs.

First Meeting

In the first meeting we do a blood test, that is sent to a special laboratorium for screening of DNA-marquers

Review Meeting

We'll meet again to go over your results in detail. We'll explain what they mean and give you a reportIf needed, we'll give you a treatment plan or suggest more tests. We'll help you set these up.


175 Euros

Rocio Serena

  • Education: Graduated in Nursing from the School of Health Sciences, University of Málaga (Classof 2005-2008).

  • International Experience: Spent 12 months in the United Kingdom (October 2009 - October 2010), including 4 months of academic training at Eurocenter School and 7 months of nursing practice at Blackheath Hospital, London.

  • Specialized Training:

    • Oncological Hyperthermia Certification (2012).

    • Course in Administration and Management of Small and Medium Enterprises.

    • Intravenous Drugs in Emergency and Urgency for Nursing (Distance learning from Logoss).

    • Geriatrics Course (Distance learning from Logoss).

    • DESA (Semi-Automatic Defibrillator) Course, certified by the Red Cross.

    • First Aid Course, certified by the Red Cross.

    • Typing Certificate.

  • Practical Experience: Diverse internships covering Primary Care, Maternal-Child Health, Emergency and Urgency, ICU, Surgery, Geriatrics, Oncology, Internal Medicine, Traumatology, Day Hospital, and Mental Health.

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