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Why are men reluctant to seek medical help?

A survey carried out by Everyman Male Cancer Charity suggested that nearly twice as many men as women had not visited their Doctors in the past year.

Evidence suggests fewer men go to the Dentist or the Pharmacist for advice and information, or attend clinics, although men are more likely to end up in hospital because they delay seeking medical advice.

Even male cancer helplines are used more by women, seeking advice on behalf of partners, fathers or sons and the fact that more women get skin cancer than men, but more men die from it indicates how late men are going to the doctors.

Men could really learn from women about attitudes to health!!

Historically women have always been the custodians of health. They have cervical and breast screening and they take the kids to the GP. As generally men don’t do any of that, they are much more reluctant to seek help when they have symptoms.

Cancer survival rates in the UK are amongst the lowest in Europe, this is generally because the British don’t have a pro-active approach to their healthcare needs and seek medical assistance later. In Spain the medical facilities were recently voted 2nd out of all EU member states, in their prevention and treatment of cancer.

Men tend not to talk about health preferring to discuss the game at the weekend, their car or a partner. Even politics is a more popular subject than health!

In this recent survey it was found that men are going to the doctors with very advanced cancers and thus decreased survival rates. Generally survival is 60:40 when it could be as much as 99:1

Evidence yet again that we all need to take a much more pro-active approach to our health. Prevention and early detection is your best form of defense!!

10 Symptoms men tend to ignore:

  • Indigestion

  • Frequency in urinating

  • Pain or stinging when urinating

  • Being over weight

  • Thirst

  • Skin changes

  • Lump or bumps

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Changes to bowel habits

  • Unexplained Pain

"Taking risks and thinking nothing bad will happen is even seen as being part and parcel of being a man."
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