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Men's Annual Health Check (MOT)

Everything from sexual health to cancer

Generell Wellness

If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to bring them up. Your comfort is our priority.

Cancer Risk

No matter what health check you do, you cannot screen for all cancers. Even a ‘full body MRI’ would miss some. Instead, we screen for those we can look out for – prostate cancer and bowel cancer. Suggesting preventative measures to reduce the risk.

Core Health Metrics

We conduct thorough examinations to assess key health indicators such as anemia, immune function, and liver and kidney health, delving into any underlying issues.

Diabetes Assessment

We go beyond traditional glucose tests, using the HBA1c blood test to detect early signs of diabetes. We also evaluate for 'metabolic syndrome,' a risk factor for various health issues, by looking at multiple metrics including cardiac risk and lifestyle factors.

Mental Wellness

We provide a safe space to discuss issues like depression, anxiety, and stress. We understand the complexity of mental health and offer ample time for discussion.

Heart health

Cardiovascular wellness is crucial, especially during menopause. We assess lifestyle, family history, symptoms, and more. Our evaluations include blood pressure, pulse, ECG, and blood tests for cholesterol and diabetes.

Prostate health

Checking urine for protein and blood for markers of kidney disease. We measure BP and test PSA and calcium levels. Not your standard PSA test, but a complete prostate and urinary system check-up.

Male Health

Low testosterone and erectile dysfunction. And we do it in a way that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable.


First Meeting:

Spend an hour with a Nurse, either in-person or online. We'll talk about your symptoms, medical history, mental well-being, family background, lifestyle, and diet.



We'll do a complete physical exam, including a urine test, ECG for your heart, and a blood test based on your needs. Extra scans like X-rays are done if needed.


Blood Test:

A trusted lab will check your blood. Results will be ready in 4-5 days. If you're consulting online, we can set up a local clinic to draw your blood (extra fee).


Review Meeting:

You'll meet again with your doctor to go over your results in detail. We'll explain what they mean and give you a report through our secure online portal.


Next Steps:

If needed, we'll give you a treatment plan or suggest more tests. We'll help you set these up.

245€  189€


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