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Annual Check-up

Men´s Annual Health Check (MOT)

Prioritize Your Health: Schedule Your Annual Men´s Health Check Today for Comprehensive Well-being and Peace of Mind.

Empower Your Health Journey

Our Annual Men´s Health Check is a vital step for men of all ages to maintain optimal health. It's a comprehensive assessment that covers key areas of your well-being, from reproductive health to general wellness. Early detection and prevention are crucial for a healthy life, and our dedicated team ensures personalized care tailored to your unique needs.

Physical Exam

We conduct thorough examinations to assess key health indicators such as anemia, immune function, and liver and kidney health, delving into any underlying issues.

General Wellness

Spend an hour with a Men's Health expert, either in-person or online. We'll talk about your symptoms, medical history, mental well-being, family background, lifestyle, and diet.

Mental Wellness

We provide a safe space to discuss issues like depression, anxiety, and stress. We understand the complexity of mental health and offer ample time for discussion.

Cancer Risk

We include a PSA-test, to check for Prostate health and cancer detection

Heart Health

Cardiovascular wellness is crucial, especially during menopause. We assess lifestyle, family history, symptoms, and more. Our evaluations include blood pressure, pulse, and blood tests for cholesterol and diabetes.

Kidney Health

We check for protein in the urine and markers of kidney disease in the blood, along with blood pressure measurements. 


We go beyond traditional glucose tests, using the HBA1c blood test to detect early signs of diabetes. We also evaluate for 'metabolic syndrome,' a risk factor for various health issues, by looking at multiple metrics including cardiac risk and lifestyle factors.

Review Meeting

We'll meet again to go over your results in detail. We'll explain what they mean and give you a reportIf needed, we'll give you a treatment plan or suggest more tests. We'll help you set these up.


  • The Annual Health Check, including the blood tests, review meeting costs 185 Euros. 

Rocio Serena

  • Education: Graduated in Nursing from the School of Health Sciences, University of Málaga (Classof 2005-2008).

  • International Experience: Spent 12 months in the United Kingdom (October 2009 - October 2010), including 4 months of academic training at Eurocenter School and 7 months of nursing practice at Blackheath Hospital, London.

  • Specialized Training:

    • Oncological Hyperthermia Certification (2012).

    • Course in Administration and Management of Small and Medium Enterprises.

    • Intravenous Drugs in Emergency and Urgency for Nursing (Distance learning from Logoss).

    • Geriatrics Course (Distance learning from Logoss).

    • DESA (Semi-Automatic Defibrillator) Course, certified by the Red Cross.

    • First Aid Course, certified by the Red Cross.

    • Typing Certificate.

  • Practical Experience: Diverse internships covering Primary Care, Maternal-Child Health, Emergency and Urgency, ICU, Surgery, Geriatrics, Oncology, Internal Medicine, Traumatology, Day Hospital, and Mental Health.

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